Rock and roll will never die

I love rock and roll.  I really do.  And music in general.  Music really adds to life.  The perfect song at the perfect moment.  Whether you are sitting in a dark, smokey bar listening to the effortless blues of Mark Knopfler or riding a bike through the woods at top speed listening to Kenny Loggins warn of the Danger Zone.   Or listening to two close friends play Pachelbel Canon in D on the guitar and flute (thanks again Beth and Chris) while watching the most beautiful woman in the world (still is) walk down to aisle to meet you to begin a lifelong commitment to each other.  Music is an integral part of our lives and the overall development of humanity.

Let’s switch gears and talk about the Cold War.  In 1989, the Berlin Wall fell marking the end of the Cold War between the ideologies of Capitalism and a freely elected representative Republic and complete state control with Communism.  Personal freedom and individual liberty won.  Yea Capitalism.  Many factors went into the winning the complex Cold War; military, diplomatic, political, and social.

But no, the money we spent winning the Cold War was not wasted.  I mean, I’m sure there was some waste in there.  It is the government after all, but winning the Cold War was as imperative, if not more, than winning WWII.  

Looking at just the social weapons of Capitalism, some credit Levi’s with helping to win the Cold War as blue jeans were a precious, and desired commodity behind the Iron Curtain.  Others believe that it was the influence of music, and specifically rock and roll, that helped win the Cold War.

Rock and roll was discouraged as an evil of the West officially, but small sanctioned clubs emerged in Soviet Russia.  Provided they work in conjunction with Soviet officials to ensure that the bands stuck to party dogma. Soviet rock was good, it’s just their biggest problem is that their amplifiers only went to 10.  None of them went to 11. So when they needed that extra *umph* they were out of luck.

Flash forward to today.  How does this impact the IG’s wasting of your tax dollars? Simple…  A federal grant was given to Jim Brown to complete a movie titled Rockin’ the Kremlin which shows how rock and roll contributed to ending the Cold War by specifically documenting the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band as they visited the Soviet Union in the 1970′s.  To the tune of $550,000.

Really.  $550,000 to finish a movie about the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band visiting the USSR.

First of all, why is the IG backing this project?  Was there even a single person in Hollywood who would back this project?  Not one?  I mean, someone backed this project:

and this one:

and this:

and hatefully this:

So it was up to the IG to extort $550,000 from you, the taxpayer, to complete a documentary of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and how they helped defeat Communism?

The original funding came from the Grammy Museum and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Of course I have no faith in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since they have continued to exclude Rush, yet have included the Moonglows and Spooner Oldham.  But I digress.

Spooner Oldham.  Really…. And no Rush.  Or Kiss.  Or Moody Blues.  Wow.

Anyway…  Secondly, why is the IG in the business to make movies anyway?  

Third, Spooner Oldham?  I’m having a hard time getting past this….

So it works out like this…  The IG decided that it was better to spend your money on a movie about the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band visiting Soviet Russia then for you to keep your own money.

What would you do with $550,000?

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