I’ve made mistakes in my life.  Lucky for me, there wasn’t a Facebook or Twitter or even the internet when I was in high school and college.  No cell phones with his resolution cameras or readily available video recorders.


Not that I was really bad, just a little mischief now and then.  But even into my adult life I’ve made mistakes. For example, the other night I was playing pool with my son.  I made a particularly difficult shot with the intent to give me a great leave on the 8-ball.  I quickly, confidently dropped the 8 and said my favorite phrase to my boy, “Rack ‘em up.”  At which point he pointed to one of my balls still on the table and in a smart alec voice, “What about that one.”

Whoops.  Game over. Score one for my spawn. I made a mistake.

Even with all the mistakes I have made, I have yet to get a tattoo.  Now I know all the tat lovers will start giving me all sorts of garbage, so stow it. While not a fan myself, I normally don’t hold judgement against those that do.

With a few minor exceptions.

Like this guy.

Or this guy.

And especially this guy.

Generally speaking, it is difficult to procure gainful employment looking like the above photos.  Add don’t even get me started on this dude:

Like I said, I’ve made mistakes, but none of my mistake stories start with “had FREAK tattooed on my chest…” and end with “…then had my tongue surgically split.”  They have been more of the “I lost a game of pool with my son by not paying attention.”

When I see someone with exposed ink similar to the above, I actually feel sad for them.  Deviant behavior is typically to sign of someone looking for attention and lacking self-confidence.  By doing something like this to their body, it demands attention.  Outward contrarian behavior is a cry for attention.  But I digress….

What do you do if you want to enter the professional workforce with your exposed body covered in tats?

Simple….  Just move to Mission Hills, CA, and claim that you are a recovering gangbanger.

Thanks to our magnanimous IG, $200,000 of taxpayer money has been set aside for tattoo removal. Yep… $200,000…

Wow…  I wish someone else would pay to save me from my own poor decisions.

What would you do with $200,000? 

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