Raining money in Hawaii

I’m reading through some House budget appropriations (exciting, I know) and I can’t believe the waste I’m seeing all over the place.  It’s pretty disgusting.  Especially when I see this all over the place:

“The bill includes $272,800,000 for the programs and administrative expenses of the Economic Development Administration (EDA), which is $149,168,000 above the request.”

Above a budget request?  What you are saying is, a government department dreamed up how much money they could spend.  Then they passed that number on, and the amount that was budgeted was GREATER than the amount requested.

And it’s all over…

“The bill provides $90,621,000 for this account, which is $500,000 above the budget request.”

Although, the Census must have made someone unhappy…

“The bill includes a total operating level of$3,139,850,000 for the Bureau of the Census, which is the same as the budget request.”

We are running a TRILLION DOLLAR A YEAR deficit and we are over funding government budgets?

Sorry, someone just threw a flag on the play.  Overuse of italics… Sorry.

Here is the document I am having so much fun reading:

I’m reading away and I love how casually they throw millions here and there without even a full sentence to describe where my tax dollars are going.  Here’s $1,000,000 to The University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS, “to create, develop, and commercialize new technology for advanced materials.”  I wish I could sum up a million dollar business plan in a sentence fragment.

And then I find this line item.  In the NOAA (http://www.noaa.gov/) budget is $360,000 to “purchase, install, and maintain” rain gauges in Honolulu Co, HI.

$360,000 for a $2 item…. Rain gauge

With that many, you could plant more rain gauges than there are palm trees.  I mean seriously, how many rain gauges does Honolulu Co. need?  And besides, doesn’t the Weather Service have a bunch of those?  Or the Navy?  Why do we need to spend $360,000 of your money for more?  The Weather Service could send NOAA an e-mail ever hour on accumulated rain fall and not spend $360,000 in 10 lifetimes.

What would you do with $360,000?

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