In the words of Mark Twain…

…”The reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated.”

Welcome to the new home for Cents To Change.  I finally registered a domain and set up a WordPress engine.  The consumed almost 20 minutes.  Since then I have been busy with travel and work including a three week business trip to Cordoba, Argentina.

I love Cordoba.

Unfortunately Argentina is just ahead of the good ole’ US of A in terms of socialism and government pandering.  The recent nationalization of YPF by stealing the company from Repsol.

In Other News of the Ironic, the nationalized copper mines in Chile are underperforming according to President Sebastián Piñera thus proving that only the government can take a thriving industry and turn it into a hapless, wayward, and highly inefficient business in short order.

But anyway….

One other example… Last Tuesday, May 1, is a world wide workers celebration.  Many different countries celebrate May Day in different ways.  Argentine President Christine Fernandez instructed the country to take Monday, April 30, off as well as a “Bridge Holiday.”  As she loves to pander to the populous, anytime a Holiday is on a Tuesday or Thursday, she also calls the corresponding Monday and Friday a Bridge Holiday to give everybody a long weekend.  Earlier this year, there was a holiday on Monday and Friday of the same week and she called for a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to be Bridge Holidays as well….  In 2012, Argentina has 18 national holidays where everything is shut down.  Completely…

So they celebrated “working” by taking the day off, and because they are so dedicated to “working” they took off another day so they could have a longer weekend.  That’s government for you.

Regardless, Argentina is a beautiful country full of wonderful people.  Aside from continuing to allow that idiot to be president, I don’t blame the people of Argentina.

While I am talking about the people in Cordoba, my favorite place is Tiendo Belgrano.  It’s located in Centro near the intersection of Graf. Manuel Belgrano and Achaval Rodriguiz. The food, drink, (you must have the Sangria with Malbec wine), atmosphere, and especially, the people…  Just perfect.

So the upshot is, I’m back.  Not that anyone cares, it’s just therapeutic for me to write my frustrations down here so I can stop bugging my wife with tales of insane government spending.

Redundant, I know…

Now onto the topic of my frustration and the government waste for the day.


That was too easy.  More later….