Message from the management

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Here’s what won’t happen…

1. Receive SPAM mail from me.

2. Sell your e-mail address.  Even for a microphone.

3. Politicians getting serious about the reduction of government spending.

4. Me going vegan.

5. You agreeing with everything the crack CentsToChange staff reporters write.

6. Rule 6

7. A CentsToChange sponsored trip to Disney

8. Boredom.

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Now for the threat…

If I don’t receive the minimum amount of subscriptions, I will post a photo of Nancy Pelosi in every post. I know this is in the 8th Amendment gray area, but so are a lot of things. Like the DMV, reality TV, WNBA, and anything relating to Justin Bieber.

*this is just for you Bieber-boy Daniel, and not the tall, bald Daniel

Unless of course it’s this: Epic Rap Battle of History

I think Beetohoven won.  Hands down.

So join CentsToChange.  It makes good sense….