This site is dedicated to the insanity that is government spending and waste.  Is all government spending stupid and wasteful?  No.  Absolutely not.  Buying Kevlar body armor and bullets for our troops is a great way to spend my tax dollars and I fully support that kind of spending.  Spending $146 million from July 2005 to June 2006 for First Class upgrades for government employees to fly in comfort?  Not a good way to spend my tax dollars.

In 2012, the Federal Government is expecting to spend $3.819 trillion, trillion with a “T,”.  That’s a lot of money. Written out long wise, that is $3,819,000,000,000.00.  That equates to $121,099.70 every second for the entire year.  Every second.

The numbers are staggering.  Too big to even comprehend.

In a very simplistic view, the money can be broken down into three categories: well spent, well intended, and wasted.  Now we can argue about the first two categories all day long.  So let’s ignore those and focus on wasted.

To qualify for this classification of Federal spending, it has to pass the “eyebrow test.”  That’s where your face shrinks up and your eyebrows point down while you mutter something obscene or something questioning the existence of any intelligence in the person(s) who made the decision that spending money on this was a good idea.  Common symptoms of a failed eyebrow test include statements starting with “What the…” and often end with “…you’ve got to be joking.”

Let me be very clear about one important concept, waste knows no color.  Waste is not specific to a single color of politician.  Red or blue, waste doesn’t care.  The only color I care about is green.  The green of the hard earned money of the American public.  I’m talking about the $1,800,000.00 confiscated from your paycheck to fund a neon museum in Las Vegas.  Walk down the sidewalk in Vegas, that’s more than enough of a neon museum.  So I really don’t care what party affiliation spent the money, just that it was thrown down a hole and never recovered.

As a rational human being (at least most of the time), when the recession hit me personally and affected my family finances my wife and I took a hard look at our outgoing and modified it to our income.  It was pretty simple to see that if we increased our spending, we would increase our debt.  And do so without a clue how to pay the debt, ever.  We made tough choices that weren’t always fun or popular, but the right thing to do.

But first and foremost, we cut waste.  We looked at where the money was going and eliminated the low hanging fruit.  We hadn’t received a phone call on our house line in as long as we could remember.  So we asked, “why do we even have a landline?”  The answers was because I had a second number to receive faxes. So I asked, “When was the last time I received a fax?”  I couldn’t remember, so we canceled the fax line, canceled the landline and eliminated waste from our budget.

The easiest way to give yourself a raise is to spend less.

Now project this to the Federal Government.  Their answer to eliminate debt is to spend more.  Hmmm.  Doesn’t make cents.  So how about the Imperial Government take a hard look at spending and cut waste just like I did as a responsible person.

The reason the IG (Imperial Government) continues to support insane spending is because they can.  No one knows how the money is spent so they spend more.  The only solution is an educated populous to get fed up and complain.  So I am embarking on an education of anyone who cares.  This blog is about shining light on how our elected officials are wasting our hard earned money.  Hopefully you will then make your elected official accountable as to why they spent $442,340 to study male prostitution in Vietnam.  Really….

What would you do with $442,340?

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